Unable to keep up at work? Are you a mom with ADHD? Everyday life overwhelming?

Unable to keep up at work?

Survival Tips for Women with ADHD offers tons of tips to help you get through each day.

Are you a mom with ADHD?

The Queen of Distraction is full of tips on how to juggle your family’s needs.

Everyday life overwhelming?

The Queen of Distraction covers day-to-day issues women face and pragmatic solutions.

Products for ADHD

Terry’s picks on products to make living with ADHD just a little bit easier.

Everyday life overwhelming?

Info on ADHD

Searching for more information and resources on getting help for your ADHD? It's all here.

Everyday life overwhelming?

Books on ADHD

Empower yourself with knowledge and tips with these excellent books on living with ADHD.

Everyday life overwhelming?

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Technology Rules! These apps will help you live more efficiently and successfully with ADHD.

Everyday life overwhelming?
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I know you have a roving eye– not the kind that gets you into trouble with your spouse or partner. I’m talking about the ADD roving eye:

You see a pile of laundry that’s grown taller than your 18 year old son. With every intention of getting started on this odious task, you decide that today is the day to jump in.

So you grab the laundry baskets- wait- you first scrape the various colored/shaped fabrics off the floors. Notice “floors” is plural- that’s because most likely, more than one room has clothes that never made it into a basket, bag or whatever vessel you use to get it into your laundry room.

Here’s where the trouble often begins.

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The Queen of Distraction

You can now pre-order Terry Matlen’s latest book, The Queen of Distraction: How Women with ADHD Can Conquer Chaos, Find Focus, and Get More Done on Amazon.com. Even better, if the Amazon.com price decreases between your order time and the end of the day of the release date (October 2014), you’ll receive the lowest price. Pre-order now!